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Manufacturer of Glass Nail Files

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Glass nail file (crystal nail file) is a top-class product in nail care technology. 
Moreover, logo or interesting decoration can change the glass nail file
into an original gift and/or promotional giveaway. 
Check, that you obtain satisfied customers through our crystal nail file!

Glass nail file is made of crystal (crystal nail file). Therefore glass nail file is 
harmful neither to human health nor to the environment.

Due to unique manufacturing technique filing surface of the glass nail file is finely
and uniformly roughened. This ensures that the glass nail file leaves the nail
smoother and that filing is effective yet feels gentle. 
If used regularly glass nail file prevents a frequent nail disorder - nail chipping.

The abrasive surface of the glass nail file is created right out of the file body, thus it
does not wear out. (In distinction from metal or paper nail files no falling off of the
grinding grains occurs.) Owing to hardening technology step the glass nail file acquires 
increased mechanical resistance in comparison with common glass objects.
Glass nail files are convenient for professional use in beauty studios. Apart from excellent performance, glass nail files are not porous and can be sterilized with heat, liquid and UV lighting. Therefore the possibility of spreading bacterial or fungus infection is eliminated. Under aggressive conditions (like sterilization) glass nail file does not corrode and none of its properties get affected. 
Glass nail file is suitable for treatment of both natural and artificial nails regardless of their material. For these it is recommended to dip the glass nail file in water while using.
Many different shapes, sizes and decorated versions of the glass nail file are available (see catalogue section). Glass nail file with both ends rounded guarantees raised safety level and is advantageous for children and for travel purposes (particularly on board a plane).
Maintenance of the glass nail file is simple. To keep glass nail file clean, it is sufficient to rinse it in running water after use. To clean dirtier glass nail files employ a brush and detergent, or organic diluents if needed.

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